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Robin Best


While studying performance at the University of Florida, Robin found a circus school in her hometown and fell in love with the trapeze. After graduating, she put all of her energy into studying circus arts- training on a variety of aerial apparatus, studying juggling, flying trapeze, stilts, and more, all while working full time at Gainesville Circus Center as an aerial instructor. Her dreams came true a few years later when she was hired for her first professional circus tour with Dusty’s All-Star Circus. She now lives and works full time on the road, performing her signature blindfolded dance trapeze act, juggling, stilting, and more! She is excited to be dazzling audiences on her dance trapeze.



Every day since I could remember, I dreamed of the circus. A magical place where I get to bring joy and wonder to many. And one day, maybe a child will tell of the time they were involved in a show that I was a part of; this idea makes every performance I do so worthwhile. I am the second generation in my family to continue the great work of live entertainment.

Aodhan Lane


At the age of 8, sitting in a movie theater, Aodhan Lane became inspired by Hugh Jackman’s performance as the Ringmaster in The Greatest Showman. Aodhan immediately began training in circus arts and acting. He has been training hard ever since.

In 2021, Aodhan told his story in the short film, Juggling Autism, how he found his passion through circus arts. In the film, his mom describes the circus as his “Come Alive” moment. Juggling Autism has won 5 film festival awards. Aodhan has since created several award-winning short documentary films.

Aodhan is also an actor. He most recently worked with Amy Schumer and Michael Cera on the Hulu series Life and Beth. (season 2) Other works include Creepshow, (Dis) Connected, and more.

In 2023, Dusty’s All-Star Circus heard Aodhan’s inspiring story and wanted to make Aodhan’s dream come true and make him a part of a real circus. Aodhan is the youngest touring performer with Dusty’s All-Star Circus at 13 years old.

Aodhan is an American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) Hup Squad Member and an AYCO Health and Wellness Committee Volunteer.

Aodhan is excited to be a part of the show and hopes his story inspires the neurodivergent community to live their dreams with all their hearts and never give up!

Alberto Alegria


Juggling superstar, a master of hand-eye coordination.

Yandong Acrobatic Troupe


Yandong Wu is a third generation of a family with acrobatic traditions. Yandong’s grandfather was trained to be an acrobatic performer by the royal court artists of the Chinese Imperial Family and is one of the founders of the famous Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. The Yandong Acrobatic Troupe has been seen all over the world and in the United States with the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus, Circus Hollywood, Jordan World Circus, Kelly Miller Circus, Royal Hanneford Circus, Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey, to name a few. For Dusty’s All-Star Circus, they will be presenting unicycle, unsupported ladder balancing, and barrel contortion acts.

John Belk


John Belk is debuting as the ringmaster/announcer for this year’s performance. He spent many years as a clown performing all over the United States. Then after five years of being away from show business, he is now making his comeback and lifelong dream of being a ringmaster here at Dusty’s All-Star Circus come true.