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The Rastelli Circus is a renowned family circus hailing from Italy, with a rich history spanning a century of captivating audiences worldwide. It has become synonymous with exceptional entertainment and has delighted spectators of all ages across the globe. The circus showcases an impressive lineup of world-class performers, including jugglers, acrobats, comedians, clowns, and aerialists, who come together from various countries to create a truly international spectacle.

With a strong focus on family-friendly entertainment, the Rastelli Circus ensures that both children and adults can enjoy a delightful and memorable experience. The vibrant energy and skilled artistry displayed by the performers captivate the audience from the moment the curtains rise. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring acrobatics, the comedic brilliance of the clowns, the breathtaking aerial displays, or the mesmerizing juggling acts, the Rastelli Circus promises an enchanting show that appeals to audiences of all backgrounds.

Steeped in tradition and excellence, the Rastelli Circus continues to uphold its reputation for delivering top-tier entertainment. Combining the talents of performers from diverse cultures, the circus celebrates the beauty of human skill, creativity, and the joy of shared laughter. For a century, the Rastelli Circus has been an enduring symbol of wonder, enchantment, and the magic that only a family circus can provide.

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